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08 March 2016

Contest Z Live!

Our good friend Rob Lundgren has made this magnificent version of the song “Cada Vez” our Warcry work, and us has given way to promote this contest we launched ahead of our performance in the ZLive Rock Fest next June 18, 2016 :

If so, you will have to try a little, because this will not be a draw no more. This is a contest, and you have to compete to achieve them. How? @ Atent the following steps:

1. You must choose a song Warcry you fancy interpret. This is easy.

2. You need to record yourself on video singing or playing any of the instruments listed in the subject. You can really sing or play or interpret in playback. It’s up to you. Anyway, we want you to interpret and maquees you to do so. Please note that your video will be, and how you do it in every way depends if you manage to win or not.
We do not want professional recordings, as you record yourself with your smartphone or webcam. We want to see originality. This is the most difficult but also the most fun.

3. You must submit your video to using: We Tranfer, a link Dropbox or Google Drive. In the mail you send, you’ll have to tell us your contact details and artistic name, if you have it. This is the way you accept receiving your video.

4. We will upload your video to our official channel and we will public so that everyone can see it and vote on it.

But what about who will win / A?

You get two free tickets to the author / Video to have more I like you in it. We will not have the number of reproductions, but the number of I like you in mind. You’ll have to do well, and tell everyone to vote for you.


When before. The sooner you do it and send it, before it will be available on our channel so it can be voted on.


1. The deadline for receiving videos will be open from Saturday March 5, 2016, until Saturday 30 April 2016. The videos will be published at the same time they are received, provided between these two deadlines.

2. The winner / a will which has achieved more than I like you to June 1, 2016, when it will be announced the winner / a and will highlight your video on our channel. The votes after the June 1 NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT.

3. Warcry Media team will contact you in case you are the winner, to communicate it and make you reach the two inputs.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult, it’s fun, and besides being an original chance to win a pair of tickets to a festival of good music, is a showcase to show your artistic skills.


1. No videos that might be offensive, or whose content may be deemed inappropriate by the team Warcry Media will be published. such circumstance shall be notified to the author / a.

2. The author / to allow the use of video to be shared on any social networks Warcry.

3. The author / a Video waiver of obtaining any financial remuneration derived from the development and subsequent diffusion thereof, since the objective of the creation of the video is none other than participation in the competition for the two free tickets for the mentioned festival sole purpose.

4. Any matter not initially contemplated by Warcry Media in conditions or restrictions of this competition, may be implemented without prior notice and at any time of the process, Warcry Media.

Join TO PARTICIPATE! And of course, do it to win.

All information on our official YouTube channel.


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