WarCry bio

WarCry 2014

lready in 2014 begin their Spanish tour visiting, Granada, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Bilbao and Barcelona and return to Latin America visiting Argentina  for the first time and Chile for  the second time.

In March receive AMAS Award (Yearbook of the Asturian music) for Best Rock album 'Immortal'.

In April they released their first video clip 'official' theme 'Huelo el miedo' recorded by Spanish actor Christian Gálvez.

In June receive the prize of the Phonographic Union Independiente (UFI) as best metal album 'Immortal'

In August of 2014 for the ninth time participating in the 'Legends of Rock' festival being the only group that has participated in all occasions.

Currently they are preparing to close the year with a concert in Madrid and closing dates for the year 2015.

WarCry 2013


ince late 2012 and early 2013 WarCry focuses on his eighth album, mixing and mastering of the same is done in Finland with Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila. The lead singer Víctor García collaborate with the band UDO in his 'Steelhammer' singing and arrangement work the original letter from English to Spanish of the song 'Basta Ya'. In this year WarCry returns to Ecuador after four years of absence to perform a single concert in the city of Quito.

On October 9, 2013 is put on sale the 'Immortal' album. Recorded in the Distrito Federal Studies (Oviedo-Asturias), mixed and mastered at Finnvox by Mikko Kamila and Mika Jusila respectively.

Since the release of the album, will perform two concerts in Colombia and participate in the second edition of the festival Siembra y Lucha in Costa Rica.

WarCry 2012


n this year end Tour 'Alfa' with a concert in Madrid in which recorded a live DVD, but actually be in the city of Oviedo (Asturias) from which the band performed their last concert of the tour on the day most important festivals of the Asturian capital. During this year, returning to Latin America on a tour of El Salvador, Colombia and Mexico. Participate in festivals such as the Coast Fire and Rock Legends again and perform a concert at the International Motorcycle Concentration in Faro (Portugal) They release the album 'Alfa' on vinyl with a limited number of copies and before year's end edited a new video work called 'Omega' a DVD with nearly three-hour concert and many extras, acclaimed by audiences and critics.

WarCry 2011


n the month of February return to Latin American lands for a series of concerts in Mexico and Chile with a great welcome and some outstanding displays of affection. Now back to Spanish land finish their seventh album 'Alfa' which saw the public on April 15.

With the new album 'Alpha' the public reacted very positively as it has done every year and disk to disk and growth of the band takes them on a tour of Spain limited number of concerts but carrying a stage increasingly important.

The group participates in a documentary 'WarCry 34450 Km' performed on tour in Mexico and Chile in the International Film Festival of Gijón.


Valencia, Granada and Barcelona and the 2011 Viña Rock Festival and Rock Legends 2011 Spanish activity accompany the band for the remainder of the year.

WarCry 2010


urrently the band finds itself working on a new album that will be released later this year.

WarCry 2009

n 2009 the band began the 'Revolución' tour with a series of concerts throughout Spain. Before the tour started Santi Novoa joined the group as their new keyboardist. Following a period of initiation, Santi would later become a permanent member of the band. This album tour highlighted the group success as the band received an awesome response from their fans at all show dates during the tour.

Among some of the more memorable shows during this tour was a concert the band played in front of more than 5,000 fans in the venue 'La cubierta' in Leganes. They also participated in the Festival Metalway, together with groups like Heaven and Hell, Opeth, Saxon and Lita Ford. The group would perform again in the festival Leyendas del Rock and in the local celebrations in the city of Oviedo, a just reward for a great career in the city that has seen them grow. WarCry finalized the year with a tour through South America, being very well received at  their shows in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

The many other dates and concerts cannot be forgotten, all of them important for a band that loves its fans.

WarCry 2008


t the beginning of the year the band decided to practice rehearsal studio and later recorded in a new studio, as until that moment all the albums had been recorded by Víctor García and Alberto Ardines.

Before entering the studio to record their new album Manuel Ramil would leave the band. The recording of the album would be completed without an official keyboardist.

In October of 2008 the group"s sixth studio album 'Revolución' ('Revolution') was released. An evident change of sound and a more careful approach to production ensured that the group continued to grow. After six albums and almost seven years in existence, Warcry gained recognition as one of the most important heavy metal groups in Spain

WarCry 2007

hile on tour promoting their latest album the first problems surfaced in the formation of the band. Towards the middle of the year Alberto Ardines would leave the band with the departure of Fernando Mon later in the year. Manuel Ramil would depart at the beginning of 2008. Rafael Yugueros, an old acquaintance of Víctor, quickly joined the band as their new drummer and after selecting from among fifty candidates, the andalucian guitarist Jose Rubio was asked to join the group. At the end of the year the band played a series of concerts with Ramil still in the band, making sure that the changes were supported 100% by their fans.

They began their tour in November of 2007 in Spain. The band played several cities and towns in their home country and were guests at the Mago de Oz Fest in Mexico where they played a series of concerts with Mago de Oz and U.D.O.

WarCry 2006


he album would carry the name 'Directo a la luz' ('Straight into the light') and was released on the 27th of Februrary. The critics and the general public have praised this record which attempts to transmit everything that WarCry represents on stage including the sensation of watching the band live. 'Directo a la luz' went straight to number one in CD sales in Spain and would remain a top selling album for several weeks. The band was able to extend their promotional tour of the album and participate in many of the most important national music festivals. During these concerts they began the recording of their fifth studio album.

On the 18th of September the band released 'La quinta esencia' ('Quintessence'). The group had a great time autographing albums in Madrid where more than 1,500 fans attended a party in which they received the Gold Record for the sales of 'Directo a la luz'. With 'La quinta esencia' the band made an effort to return to its roots, with the idea of combining the elements that had taken WarCry to where it was from a musical and lyrical standpoint. The album entered the national charts at number nineteen.

WarCry 2005


n the first of February of 2005 the album '¿Dónde está la luz?' ('Where"s the light?') was released. The response to the fourth record was possibly even more impressive than that of earlier efforts by the band. Warcry made the decison to deviate slightly from the path that had placed them among the top Spanish heavy metal groups with a record that didn"t use double bass drum and incorporated song lyrics that touched on every-day  issues.

WarCry 2004


n the second of January the band released 'Alea Jacta Est' ('The Die is Cast') and promoted the album throughout Spain on their new tour. On the second of February Roberto Garcia (formerly of Avalanch) officially joined the group as their new bassist.

As with previous albums, their third effort was received very favorably by the general public and the press. This album proved to be a bit more progressive than previous records due in large part to the input of Pablo García and Manuel Ramil.

WarCry 2003



During the first months of the year the band laid the groundwork for its next tour which would begin officially the seventh of March of 2003 and finish up the twelfth of December of the same year in Asturias. During 2003 WarCry performed across Spain, rocking their fans in every concert they performed. Alvaro Jardón would decide to leave the group after the tour finished.

WarCry 2002


arCry was inically formed in March of 2002 as a project headed by Victor García and Alberto Ardines.

Their first offering would be the homonym "WaCry" in March of 2002.

Victor and Alberto worked together to manage all musical elements of the album with the collaboration of two local guitarists, Pablo García and Fernando Mon, for some of the solo tracks. Pablo and Fernando would later become members of the group with the release of the first album. At the same time that their initial effort was being introduced to the public the band was busy recruiting other musicians for their second album.

In December of 2002 'El Sello de los Tiempos' ('Sign of the times') was released, their first studio album as a band. The band"s first performance was a launch party in Avilés (Asturias) and a few days later as guests in the Metal Christmas festival in Madrid.

The inicial members of the group were:

Victor García (vocals), Fernando Mon (guitar), Pablo García (guitar), Álvaro Jardón (bass), Manuel Ramil (keyboards), Alberto Ardines (drums)

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